The Little Book

Number 1

The Little Book: Revelation 10

Many scriptures in the Bible are hard to understand and the true meaning of some subjects has been lost through the years.

The Lord, through revelation to Lawrence Burke, will restore the truth on some of these difficult scriptures and on different subjects in The Little Book which contains a series of short letters.

An angel gave John the Little Book and told him to eat it up and it would be bitter in his belly but sweet in his mouth. The angel told John he would have to prophesy again before many peoples, nations, tongues, and kings.

Study Revelation 10.

Things we truly believe are sweet in our mouth when we teach them. However, if we are incorrect in our understanding then it is very humbling to have to prophesy again and correct our mistakes (make our belly bitter).

The church, due to losing the understanding of some scriptures, has been teaching some things which are untrue.

The church will use the teachings of the Little Book to correct the untruths it has been teaching to many peoples, nations, tongues, and kings.

The Lord reveals knowledge in His own time.

Jesus was with the disciples and taught them personally. After Jesus’ crucifixion and the death of the disciples knowledge is released through men whom Jesus did not personally teach. Divine knowledge is revealed to these church leaders but sometimes they do not correctly distinguish revelations from the Lord from their own thoughts. Because of this and personal shortcomings of some leaders, the church has made mistakes down through the years causing hardships on many members.

The last letter in The Little Book will be the truth about the Seventy Weeks. When this letter is posted, we will know The Little Book is complete.

All scripture quotations are from the King James Version. Modern day English has evolved into some word changes since the publication of the King James Version of the Bible. The author explains scripture references by using the King James Version of the word. This is done in an effort to provide continuity and simplicity of understanding for the reader.

The Lord has a seven thousand year plan for mankind.

One day is with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.

The seven day week is a picture of God’s plan of salvation.

The Lord commands us to work six days and rest and worship on the seventh or Sabbath Day.

The Lord has seven annual feasts throughout the year along with the weekly feast day (Sabbath Day) that reveals His plan of salvation.

From Adam to Jesus is approximately four thousand years and from Jesus until now is approximately two thousand fifteen years.

This is a combination of six thousand years.

The Lord has given mankind six thousand years to govern himself while He chooses His elect, the Church, which will rule with Him in the one thousand year millennium.

The Bible reveals God’s plan of salvation for mankind.

The Lord builds his physical Church in the Old Testament and His spiritual Church in the New Testament.

This Little Book corrects the untruths the churches have been teaching as God’s plan is being fulfilled.